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Backwaters tour with departure from
Alappuzha (Alleppey)

Backwaters Onze houseboat bij de aanlegsteiger bij Alappuzha (Alleppey) IMG_7076.jpg

Our houseboat at the landing-stage near Alappuzha (Alleppey)

Backwaters Compleet ingerichte slaaphut IMG_7079.jpg

Fully furnished bedroom

Backwaters Start van de tour per houseboat IMG_7083.jpg

Backwaters Vlak voor zonsondergang IMG_7108.jpg

Just before sunset

Backwaters Fraaie palmen IMG_7120.jpg

Backwaters Zonsondergang op de Backwaters IMG_7130.jpg

Backwaters Vrachtverkeer IMG_7143.jpg

Backwaters Avondgloed over de backwaters IMG_7145.jpg

Backwaters Mooi begin van nieuwe dag IMG_7163.jpg

Nice start of a new day

Backwaters  IMG_7188.jpg

Backwaters Kerkje langs de Backwaters IMG_7191.jpg

Nice church at the borders of the Backwaters

Backwaters  IMG_7218.jpg

Backwaters Scheepswerf langs de Backwaters IMG_7226.jpg


Backwaters  IMG_7231.jpg

Backwaters Jager met pijl en boog IMG_7240.jpg

Hunter with bow and arrow

Backwaters Titanic op de Backwaters IMG_7262.jpg

Titanic of the Backwaters

Backwaters Op sleeptouw IMG_7268.jpg

Just for free

Backwaters Zandtransport over water IMG_7280.jpg

Cargo transport by boat

Backwaters Aalscholvers IMG_7299.jpg


Backwaters Weerspiegelende palmen IMG_7303.jpg

Nice reflection of the trees

Backwaters Witte reigers langs de oever IMG_7332.jpg

Backwaters Zeilboten op de Backwaters bij Alleppey IMG_7365.jpg